Month: October 2018

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Christmas Tree Rentals

Renting a Christmas tree can be cost-effecting and labour saving as our team will be taking the hassle out of the task so you can celebrate the festivities in style with your staff and customers whatever your business.

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Commercial Christmas Tree Hire

At the Green Office we’re already starting to feel in the festive spirit, and were dedicated to providing your business an impressive Christmas display with our range of Live and Artificial Christmas Trees available to hire or purchase.

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Benefits of Office Fruit

Health awareness within the workplace is important for the wellbeing of your employees. Recent studies highlighted that 87% of respondents reported that they would rather be employed by someone who provides health and well-being support, and fruit in the workplace is one way to achieve this by helping to boost productivity levels.

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How can office plants improve working environments?

Recent studies have highlighted that it’s not just location of furniture quality that impacts the health, happiness and productivity of your employee. It’s actually plants that can make the difference, so here’s why you should invest in some greenery.