Why your Office needs Plants

How can office plants improve working environments?

Recent studies have highlighted that by simply adding some greenery to your work environment can impact the health, happiness and productivity of your employees. So here’s why you should invest in some indoor plants for your office.

How can office plants improve working environments?

1. Plants can increase productivity in the workplace.

Research has proven that plants can have a huge impact on how fast and accurately people can work. Numerous university studies reveal that once plants are introduced within the workplace, concentration increases, with productivity increasing as much as 10-15% for those who work with computers.

Why? Because plants remove excess carbon dioxide from the air, replenishing with oxygen and thus helping people to keep a clear head.

2. Plants help to clean up your atmosphere

One plant per employee can help reduce the excess carbon dioxide in your office by 50%, whilst also removing mould and bacteria from the air. And then there are all the toxins from cleaning products for example that can cause an array of health concerns too.  Studies conducted by John Moores University have shown that better air and fewer toxins means healthier employees.

3. Plants reduce sickness days

When it comes to sick days the UK is ranked as one the highest for number of sick days taken, costing the economy nearly £17bn every year. Plants can reduce minor illnesses by 30% from studies conducted by The University of Agriculture in Oslo. Further research has shown that office plants can purify the air of toxic chemicals, so filling your work-space with plants could help combat sick days and help to reduce stress levels.

Plants can help to tackle stress, as studies have proven that green spaces and nature can help promote feelings of relaxation and calmness, which can contribute to your mood.

4. Plants can increase people’s creativity

Research has shown that by having some attractive plants around the office can increase creative thinking by 15%, so just imaging how much of a difference introducing some greenery can have on your employees, your business and future success.

5. Plants create attractive work spaces

We spend more time at work, then we do with our loved ones, so it’s important to ensure that everyone enjoys their surroundings. More importantly first impressions to potential clients or customers count so by adding some greenery to your office will soften the environment and make for a more inviting and aesthetically pleasing space.

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