Christmas Tree Rental is the Environmentally Friendly Choice

An estimated 6 MILLION Christmas trees will be chucked out in the new year, both plastic and artificial. At least the artificial ones will naturally decompose, however the plastic trees can take decades to degrade. In our environmentally conscious society, what’s the best way to handle Christmas with an ethical mindset?

Discarded Christmas Tree

We’ve got the answer. Hire your Christmas tree from us. We re-use our artificial Christmas trees, keeping them serviceable and in tip-top condition, ready to use year after year. With our real Christmas trees, they are ethically sourced and disposed of correctly.

Real Christmas trees are much more sustainable than artificial alternatives. One study concluded that you would have to use your artificial christmas tree for 20 years for it to redo its carbon footprint. We offer a plain Christmas tree for you to decorate yourself, or we supply it ready to go, baubles galore!

Xmas Tree Compost

We remove all stress and hassle involved in Christmas decorations; and now that nagging guilt about the ethics involved. Buying a plastic tree imported from China then taking it to the dump a few years later? Nah – let the Green Office handle it all for you.