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Tik Tak Pandle 1

Tik Tak Living Wall Units

Here are some images of tik tak living wall units that we have recently installed. At The Green Office Solutions, we provide office plants to business all around Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, London, Glasgow and the rest of the UK.

Gateway House 5

Office Refurbishment with Office Plants in the Wirral

An existing client has just finished a refurbishment on a strategically situated building in the Wirral. Set over four floors, the interior designer chose the brilliant white cube planters planted with a mix of Ficus trees and Kentia Palm plants. A moss and bark picture was also installed on several landings to compliment ‘bringing the outside in’

Office Plants London 4

Office Plants Supplied in Mayfair London

The Green Office Solutions have just supplied a range of office plants to an office in Mayfair London. These included a range of planters with live Orchids, Codiaeum and Anthurium Jungle King plants. If you are looking for office plants in Mayfair, contact us today to